Tilos Case Study The Planning Master of Infrastructure

TILOS, which stands for Time Location System, is purpose developed for linear construction projects, typically roadand rail projects.

Powerproject BIM Case Study – Minsur

Minsur SA, a Peruvian mining company, uses Powerproject 4D BIM to visualise and report on complex tailings reprocessing plant construction.

Powerproject Case Study Batavia Werf

A replica of the 17th century Dutch admiralty warship, The Seven Provinces, has been reconstructed at the Batavia Werf, with the help of Powerproject.

Powerproject Case Study Laing O’Rourke

International engineering and construction giant Laing O’Rourke used Powerproject from Elecosoft for its planning and programme management on Oxford University’s Beecroft physics building.

Powerproject Case Study John Sisk & Son

Sisk decided to take up Elecosoft’s offer to trial the companion mobile app Site Progress Mobile helping them keep a closer eye on activities, resources and progress.

Powerproject Case Study Kier Construction Sainsbury’s Portishead

Kier Construction won the challengeof building its new £10.2m Portisheadstore against stiff competition.

Powerproject Case Study Kier Construction Five Pancras Square

Delivering any £68m development requires careful planning – but the build Kier Construction’s major projects business drove at Five Pancras Square definitely required extra care.

Powerproject Case Study NG Bailey

NG Bailey uses Powerproject as one of its standard planning tools in engineering to set and maintain planning quality standards.

Bidcon Case Study Clarkson Alliance Bidcon BIM

Clarkson Alliance felt comfortable choosing Bidcon BIM as such a key platform in part due to its good relationship with existing supplier, Elecosoft, the developer of Powerproject.

Powerproject Case Study Sir Robert McAlpine

Sir Robert McAlpine has standardised on Powerproject software for its planning and programme management, which it used on this complex refurb project.