MAGNET Site - Maximize your models

Create accurate 3D models for machine control site and roadwork projects

Constructible models for machine control and sitework

MAGNET Site is a fully featured constructible model and surveying software for any road or site project. Contractors, and specifically 3D model builders appreciate the comprehensive toolset with easy-to-learn workflows and direct site connectivity. Easily elevate 2D plans and create 3D road and site models from CAD or PDF files. Simplify complex road-design projects, and streamline the design of road corridors, highways and intersections.

Product Features

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3D modeling for machine control

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Extensive 2D-to-3D conversion toolset, including highly versatile textures

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Full road-design functionality

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Ability to merge surface models

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Automated pad design with automatic cut/fill balance

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Multiple volume routines

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Automated CAD-data cleanup

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Vast library of compatible formats

Constructible digital terrain model

Topcon digital terrain models can be directly transferred to machines, field crews or project stakeholders for a better-connected project team. Digital terrain models (DTMs) provide a data efficient surface project representation used for machine control and staking as well as to create topographical maps, extract cut-and-fill volumes, and create progress reports.