EcoDomus is an information technology firm focusing on improving the ways buildings are designed, built, managed and retrofitted using BIM, bringing the value of BIM to building owners and occupiers for improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation and maintenance.

Key product BIM Facility Management, also supports integration of occupier business data with building data to allow analysis of interaction between business and facility.

EcoDomus software provides a ‘Common Data Environment’ for all relevant types of information.

It gives a 3D view of facilities in an easy-to-use format for facility managers that links the Asset Information Model (in BIM) with real-time facility operations data acquired by meters and sensors (Building Management Systems, BMS) and Facility Management (FM) software.

This allows for intelligent analysis of a building’s performance and supports better maintenance practices, resulting in significant reductions in labour hours and energy use.


EcoDomus provides the following:

• Highly flexible technology that brings together software, data and operational systems, integrating with facility data management systems.

• An integrated ‘Single Source of Truth’ database with a visual 3D interface for data collection, analysis and asset data maintenance over the whole facility lifecycle.

• Secure access to the common data environment and good management practice built-in.

• Support for open information standards, for example COBie.

• Scalability to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data applications.

• Mobile and web interfaces to support site-based working.

• Deployment in the Cloud or behind private firewalls.

Integration of Information

The lifecycle information management occurs not in one software or database – it’s impossible to build a solution that would be equally good at all parts of facility’s management.

Geometry is created in BIM Authoring models (i.e. Revit) but not all information – some is added during the project and is contained in Project Management systems.

Other information is managed in the commissioning or maintenance or space management systems.

Add to that spatial data from GIS and live sensors data from BAS and you get a pretty complex picture.

EcoDomus connects to these applications and provides them with the unified Asset Information Model.

Historically, all these applications dealt with a subset of Asset Information Model because each one of them automated only specific processes.

EcoDomus’ goal is to contain or connect facility data sources to create a complete picture for the facility elements.