BIM Management Services

Empowering Project Management with BIM Technologies

Our team recognizes that the final product of each Project will be the asset to be delivered and not it’s BIM Model, which will serve to empower internal/external Project communications, construction risk reduction, project efficiency and future facilities management.

Our team focuses in defining, auditing and utilizing BIM Models for Design Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Procurement Management, Space and Maintenance Management. In order to do so, our integrated Project Management Plan considers not only for 6D/7D or 4D/5D simulations, but for actual project cost management, time management and quality management during design, tender, preconstruction, construction and commissioning phases. Our provided BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is integrated into the Project Management Plan.

What we do?

Our project managers and cost managers are able to lead and operate in a BIM environment to ensure the predefined BIM strategy and regional recognised BIM standards are adhered to by the team and an asset information model (AIM) is delivered at the end of the construction phase.

BIM Coordination

As custodians of the Master BIM model we perform quality model checks daily.

Clash Detection And Reports

Perform multi-disciplinary clash detection/prevention and generate clash reports.

As-Built Drawings

Provide final coordinated digital asset (3D model and drawings) for Architects & Engineers to review. This can be utilized for upgrades, maintenance and facilities management, as well as a design reference for future projects.

4D BIM – Construction Planning & Sequencing

We provide engineering talent to some of the world’s most complex project programs. We give our customers access to the right expertise at the right time, wherever they are in the world.

5D BIM – Quantity Take-Off/ Material Take-Off

Provide real-time extraction of BOM and BOQ data from fully developed parametric building components of the virtual model.