Project Viewer

View Project Plans for Free

Project Viewer is a free project viewer which empowers you to see the project files without the need of using a licensed Powerproject software on your device.

With this software you will be able to view projects created in Powerproject (including Powerproject BIM) and Easyplan as well as Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera.

Choose Information Visibility

With Project Viewer users of Powerproject will be able to select which portions of the project (specific views, charts) to show or hide which lets them exactly see only the project data that is relevant to them.

Thus, if you would like to only share your project information for viewing with other users who do not have any access to the software, through Project Viewer you will be able to give specific users access to this viewer so that they can view, navigate and print out project plans without a license cost.

Supported file formats are:

  • Powerproject (connection to Powerproject Enterprise is not supported).
  • Easyplan
  • Microsoft Project XML
  • Oracle Primavera XER (compatible with P6, P5 and P3e version 4.1)
  • Oracle Primavera P3 batch format (compatible with Primavera P3)