MAGNET Construction

Success through accuracy

A full-featured toolset for estimating and preparing site and road construction.

3D modeling and streamlined estimating

Getting the estimate and constructible model right does not have to be a challenge thanks to MAGNET Construction. The software’s 3D constructible modeling capabilities help a contractor catch mistakes before they happen, minimize over-digging, and keeps machine control operators connected and always on point. Modeling can also be used for trenching, roading, corridors, and asphalt repaving design. Takeoff functions calculate true volume for cost estimates for a profitable and successful project.

Product Features

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PDF to digital model conversion

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Customizable materials library

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Subsurface strata from bore-hole data

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Accurate subgrade-quantity calculations

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Cut and fill maps

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Cleanup-of-surface files

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Site balancing

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Pipe-library and trench templates

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Vast library of compatible file types

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Paving surface design

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Sitelink3D and MAGNET Enterprise connectivity

Organize materials. Minimize costs. Own the estimate.

Accurately track and calculate material types and volumes whether you’re plotting borehole locations, load balancing the site, or specifying trench depth and bedding materials. Visualize and manage each project quickly, accurately and successfully.