Risk Management Services

Helping You Anticipate And Avoid Risk

Risk Management allows organizations to improve the quality of project management practices and governance from the decision to invest to final delivery of project outcomes. Risk management promotes dialog between all stakeholders and sponsors and supports realistic approaches, plans, and project estimates. When implementing or improving Risk Management, you need to consider the organization’s/project’s risk management maturity, processes, methodologies, organization, culture, technologies and oversight structures.

Many companies select APP Consultoría as a partner to help implement and/or improve risk management. Our structured approach to implementing and improving Risk Management allows our clients to gain from the experience of many successful implementations. This proven approach brings best practices and real world experience. It shortens your time to value realization and increasing the longer-term return in your investment.

Need for Risk Management

All project managers and team members need to learn how to implement necessary and systematic risk management processes. This will enable the entire organization to run their projects in a much smoother manner in the following ways:

  • Improve all resource planning by predicting future costs
  • Improve how companies track project costs
  • Improve the accuracy of estimates of ROI
  • A more flexible response to all future challenges

Benefits from right Risk Management

Our consultants at APP have vast of experience in supporting organizations and project teams improve risk planning and management. We design “optimized” risk processes for our clients that deliver results tailored to the needs of the project/program. 

We know that the impact of not “optimized” risk management is poor user and organizational adoption and unrealized benefits. Impacts poor risk management can range from overrun budgets, missed end dates, customer dissatisfaction, outright project failure and impacts to reputation.

Therefore, we focus on pragmatic risk management solutions that allow management to have more confidence in their project data and reports while reducing project risk while aiming to help you gain the most from these efforts.

Whether you are interested in implementing some of the elements of Risk Management to augment your existing capabilities, or are attempting to implement Risk Management for the first time, we can help. Our consultants have helped clients implement Risk Management, risk oversight frameworks, improve risk management planning and control techniques, and select and implement risk management tool suites.