Project Management Services

We make project management simple

Whether you are looking for support with an initial project development or a total project management solution, you can rely on APP Consultoría. As your project partner, you get access to services spanning the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to implementation and commissioning, reinforced by decades-long project management know-how.

We consider that your project is special and will come with its own unique challenges. Working closely as part of a fully integrated team, our experts will help out in guiding your choices using our proven, systematic approach. From total Project Management solutions to acting as project manager within your organization, we will help ensure that your project meets the highest quality, environmental and safety standards. With vast of experience in project control and management, our tools, and a global network of local knowledge, we will enable your project to succeed – to deliver on time and budget.

Our scope of service covers many areas, ranging from large infrastructure, real estate and buildings to process industry plants, defense installations, and major international energy projects.

Complete customer service

Our project management teams are created from a pool of capable and experienced people located all around the world. We support them with a world-class suite of tools, processes and project management systems to ensure services are delivered consistently and in accordance with best practices.

Owner’s engineer

We act on our customers’ behalf as independent reviewers to help them deliver successful projects. We also oversee and protect their interests and, where necessary, fill the gaps in their workforce.

Integrated project management team

We supply our customers with the best project managers to work hand in hand with their teams.

Project management consulting

We supply the right engineers to provide world-class delivery for any part of our customers’ projects.

Program management consulting

We provide engineering talent to some of the world’s most complex project programs. We give our customers access to the right expertise at the right time, wherever they are in the world.