Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service

Unlock the power of your data for active intelligence

The ability to utilize your data is critical for successful project delivery. Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service is a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions that unlocks the power of all your data to deliver active intelligence so you can make proactive decisions and continuously improve project outcomes.

Learn about Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) Advisor is the first product from the Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service suite. CIC Advisor leverages AI and machine learning to deliver true predictive intelligence using your historical project data. CIC Advisor continuously identifies hidden risks that need to be investigated and actioned, including schedule delays, poor schedule quality, process inefficiencies, and project-planning issues. It provides advanced warnings and learns over time, improving the accuracy of predictions, so you can make proactive decisions and take preemptive action early.

  • The only solution that generates accurate and actionable insights by harnessing the power of an integrated data set across all your projects, portfolios, and asset lifecycles

  • Predicts the likelihood of schedule delays and identifies potential causes to enable preemptive action

  • Unlike many tools that only report on historical trends, CIC Advisor is focused on predicting future outcomes and preventing adverse events from impacting successful project delivery

  • With patent-pending AI algorithms and built-in machine learning mechanisms, CIC Advisor learns over time to provide insights customized to your projects and organization

Predictive insights

Track and monitor project performance and keep schedules on track:

  • Predict the probability of project and activity delays so that you can take proactive action based on the insights provided

  • Monitor and maintain the quality of the project schedule by measuring it against industry standards

  • Visualize the schedule in new ways to uncover hidden risks and ensure that downstream impact of delayed activities is managed proactively

  • Improve the quality of predictions over time through feedback and constant model monitoring and retraining


  • Use out-of-the-box benchmarks to compare current projects with projects previously delivered

  • Create your own custom groups to ensure that comparisons are like for like, based on how you run your business

  • Drive continuous process improvement across your business using the benchmarks generated within CIC Advisor

Accessible machine learning

  • Use the prebuilt models to get started and customize the underlying machine learning ML models to suit your requirements without having to write any code

  • Drive better prediction accuracy by training the ML models using your project data based on how you run your projects

  • Select the appropriate inputs to the algorithms and retrain the models to make sure they are continuously learning and improving over the course of the project