Oracle Primavera Cloud—Planning and Scheduling Software

Planning and Scheduling for any engineering and construction project

Connect owners and delivery teams to shared planning, scheduling, resources, and risk management. Oracle Primavera Cloud brings together office and field teams, synchronizing schedules and resources and empowering the thousands of decisions that engineering and construction professionals make every day on projects all over the world.

Bring owners and delivery teams together

Support your business with shared planning and scheduling standards, and improve processes with best practices that bring office and field teams together.

Portfolio management and capital planning​

Do the right projects – Give your financial planners a central repository to identify, prioritize, and select the projects that align to your organization’s strategic goals and initiatives.

Adjust to changing requirements – Easily reconfigure your scoring criteria and weighting factors. Create and manage scenarios. Track funding, reallocate budgets, and report performance across the entire portfolio.

Planning and Scheduling

Synchronize the field and office – Maintain the vital connection between the contractual CPM schedule and the field’s task management detail. Primavera Cloud is the industry’s only truly combined office and field planning and scheduling system.

Update from anywhere – Plan and schedule on the go with anytime, anywhere access to all your critical schedule, resource, and risk information.

Supports lean construction – Task management that supports lean construction practices and principles, with configurable make work ready boards, digital sticky notes, hand-off sequences, commitment tracking, and automatic planned percent complete reporting.

Stay put or make the move – Primavera P6 isn’t going anywhere and it works with Primavera Cloud, but if you’d like to better understand your options and see if a transition is right for you, check out our migration process.

Resource Management​

Easily resource load the plan – Manage labor, equipment, and material resources within and across projects to optimize utilization and avoid bottlenecks.

Conduct earned-value analysis – Relate time-phased budgets to schedule activities and capture work progress assessments against your baseline plans with ease.

Risk Management​

A complete risk framework – A centrally available register captures all identified risks where impacts can be assessed, immediately tied to schedule activities for cost and delay analysis, and ultimately mitigated to keep projects and programs on track.

Analysis at your fingertips – Quickly associate risks to the schedule without the need for third-party systems or bolt-ons. Conduct quick and accurate cost and schedule impact analysis and reporting.

Benefits of Oracle Primavera Cloud

01 – Use portfolio management and capital planning to manage all project investments

Do the right projects. Easily capture and catalog all inbound project requests. Weigh and prioritize these requests to select projects and programs that best align to your strategic goals and initiatives.

02 – Unite owners and delivery teams around a single shared execution plan

Integrate the contractual CPM schedule with the field’s task management details. Primavera Cloud is the industry’s only truly combined office and field team planning and scheduling solution.

03 – Reduce your risk exposures

Understand your schedule health on demand with leading indicators on how to improve it. Easily resource and cost load your work to visualize resource constraints or demands and manage cashflow. Put risk in the hands of every participant with a central register to identify, assess, and mitigate their impacts.

04 – Predict the future by leveraging your past

Go further with the most precious asset besides your people: your data. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Oracle’s Construction Intelligence Cloud is the always-on pattern recognition coach you need to stay ahead of the curve

“Oracle Primavera Cloud allows us to directly see how the weekly work plan is impacting the CPM, providing us with a tremendous amount of control over the entire construction process.”
Jeff Milo
Sr Scheduling Manager, Landmark Properties