5D BIM – Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-off Services

5D BIM – Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-off Services

We provide a 5D model BIM that integrates project planning, schedule, and cost. We help project teams participate in the entire conversation about the project, rather than working in isolation and waiting for their turn to provide information about the project. Using the Common Data Environment, our BIM model services can automatically generate quantities that provide more accurate data to the estimator.

5D BIM Provides Accurate Cost Estimates and Quantity Take-offs as per the Design and Construction Schedule

We know how important and time-consuming it is to extract dimensions and quantities from a set of drawings. Our 5D model BIM relies on a common data environment where all project teams can collaborate and integrate their information. With the data associated with the 5D BIM model, the quantities and costs of the project are dynamically adjusted, making it easier for the owner, project manager, general contractor, etc. to manage the cost of the project. Our 5D BIM services also provide a total project cost estimate by accurately calculating quantities and material estimates by calculating each building product used and its cost for purchase, fabrication, assembly and installation.

At APP Consultoria, we help contractors by providing a list of material quantities along with a visual design model (BIM) to see the impact on construction costs. Our 5D BIM services allow the general contractor to extract BOMs, generate RFIs, create construction documents for renderings, and submit a competitive bid for the project. Our team uses Revit software because it allows them to show the immediate cost impact of changes in construction materials. It makes it easier for our clients to work with quantities and estimates because they have complete information on the quantities needed for the project.

Our 5D BIM Services Include

Cost Estimation

Generate accurate quantities of various building components to calculate costs for the entire project at current purchase prices.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

A platform for all the project teams to collaborate and exchange their feedbacks.

Quantity Take-Offs

Generating accurate Bill of Quantities (BOQs), Bill of Materials (BOMs), Cutting Lists & Quantity Take-offs.

Real-Time Cost Adjustments

Updating the model automatically changes the construction cost in real time.

Benefits of 5D BIM Services