Powerproject Vision

Bring Transparency, Control & Integrity to Your Powerproject Programs

Powerproject Vision, Elecosoft UK‘s most recent Cloud-based software, is planned to move forward collaboration and consistency in construction planning.
Developed with feedback from the construction industry, Powerproject Vision conveys an one of a kind arrangement for contractors with project planners working in a disengaged and scattered environment.

Key Benefits

Powerproject Vision is an improvement of one of the world’s significant project management software solutions Powerproject which will empower individuals to overcome Information Technology boundaries and view one genuine form of project plans.

Powerproject Vision is based on a customised adaptation of Powerproject that has been developed in co-operation with the Department of Transport for the State of Pennsylvania and in close collaboration with UK Powerproject individuals who, in a highly competitive market on low margins, are seeking a software arrangement to convey proficiency gains and progressed consistency over the planning process.

Beta testing has supported Elecosoft’s development team to refine the software solution which empowered it to convey noteworthy enhancements in controlling workflow and progressing access to data.

Powerproject Vision has been outlined to satisfy the requirements of associations with numerous scattered individuals proposing a supervised program management environment while being certain in consistency and transparency via a web-based information platform.


Key functionalities of Powerproject Vision include:

• Highly configurable centralised file management and storage of Powerproject schedules.

• Access via any web-browser and from within the Powerproject software.

• Project planning workflow enforcement, controlling project creation, review, approval, baselines and amendments.

• Version control and change management.

• Storing of approved project templates.

• Automated business intelligence data extraction across all files.

• Ability to structure according to company organisation, such as regions, business units or divisions.

How it Works

• When starting a new project, Powerproject Vision is used to create a programme using one of the approved project templates hosted in the system

• A number of roles and fields within the project can be assigned, such as Planner, Manager, Reviewer etc.

• To work on the plan, the programme file is “checked out” to a named user, who can work on it locally in Powerproject until they are ready to submit it back to the online portal

• Notifications can be sent when key actions are performed, such as requests to approve a plan

• Fully customised workflow manages all steps. For example, upon approval, a baseline and delivery programme can be generated

• At each step, copies of files are saved to provide a full change history

Derek O’Neil, Head of Planning, Careys Civil Engineering commented,

“Powerproject Vision enables us to view live project data across all our projects bringing greater transparency and consistency. It will help our planners to focus on the day job and not be distracted by lengthy reporting processes, whilst allowing the wider business to understand project status at a glance.”

Ben Taunt, UK Sales Manager for Powerproject comments,

“Powerproject Vision has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from beta testers and from attendees at user meetings around the country. We often hear clients asking “am I looking at the right version of the project plan” and “who approved this plan?” Powerproject Vision helps answer these questions; it is a highly configurable system that can be tailored to match a company’s business profile.”

Please note that Powerproject Vision is only currently available in the UK and Ireland.

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