Powerproject Enterprise

Powerful Project, Portfolio & Resource Management Software

Powerproject Enterprise is an approved and adaptable solution for managing projects and resources to help achieve on-time, on-cost delivery across multiple projects which facilitates collaboration between numerous clients viewing real-time information.

Powerproject Enterprise conveys collaboration over program plans by permitting an amount of individuals to access and update a central repository of project data which makes it ideal for groups working inside a single project or enabling visibility over numerous projects while all updates are synchronised in real-time.


Why Invest in Powerproject Enterprise?

Project management is now recognised as a strategic business tool for forwardlooking services organisations – particularly those that depend on high-value knowledge workers for service delivery.
Powerproject is a proven, scalable solution for managing people, time and money across multiple projects and processes.

With the Enterprise solution Powerproject is integrated with a central database that stores all project data and permits numerous individuals to work in collaboration over project records while viewing real-time information.

This enables you to:
• Centrally manage all your projects for optimum efficiency
• Enable a number of people to access and work on the same project plan at the same time
• Allocate and track resources across multiple projects for enhanced productivity and utilisation
• Control costs, income and cash flow across your portfolio
• Use timesheets to capture resource effort against tasks
• Provide clients and senior management with vital information via automated reports and dashboard views based on accurate, up-to-date data


• Gain enterprise wide visibility over multiple projects in real-time
• Optimise your project resources
• Plan, schedule and proactively control projects
• Align projects with organisation objectives
• Control project costs, income and cash flow across your portfolio
• Provide management with up-to-date reports and dashboard views
• Record time and expenses accurately
• Assess risk with ‘what if’ scenarios
• Update project progress regardless of location


Powerproject Enterprise Delivers Improved

Project Portfolio Management – Delivering the optimum mix of multiple project resources and time management, across varying projects and programmes.
Project Management – Through extensive rescheduling features, including Critical Path Analysis, you can fully assess the impact of changes across all projects.
Management Reporting – Dashboard reporting with Business Intelligence enables senior management to receive easy access to high level information for improved decision making.
Resource Management – Ensuring the best use of all types of resources for multiple projects.
Cost & Revenue Management – Giving accurate up-to-date information and cost analysis enabling improved cash flow.
Time & Expense Management – Integrated web based time sheets for accurate time recording, by which managers can easily monitor project costs and expenses.

Functionality Overview

Powerproject Enterprise facilitates project collaboration between multiple users.
Users can view real-time information within the database (access rights permitting). When parts of the project are being edited, Powerproject locks the data at task level so that the rest of the plan remains accessible to other users.


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