Minsur SA, a Peruvian mining company, uses Powerproject 4D BIM to visualise and report on complex tailings reprocessing plant construction.

Minsur uses Powerproject 4D BIM to Visualise & Report on Complex Tailings Reprocessing Plant Construction

Minsur SA is a Peruvian mining company that has been operating in the region for more than 35 years. It extracts and refines tin and copper, and engages in exploration for gold, silver, lead and zinc ores.
Construction of its new tailings processing plant at San Rafael was so complex that it wanted full progress visualisation in 3D throughout.
With the aid of Elecosoft Premier Partner APP Consultoría de Gestión de Proyectos and regional Elecosoft Approved Partner Metacontrol Ingenieros SAC, it turned to Powerproject BIM to complement its existing approach, ensure interoperability and generate informative visualisation of the as-built status throughout the project.

The original feasibility programming for the B2 Project at San Rafael was created in Primavera P6 – which remained the tool of choice for the main construction contractor – but was unable to maintain a continuous as-built 4D visualisation.

The company set out to bridge that gap, which they chose Powerproject software, for its interoperability and ease of data exchange with P6 and because it could easily take progressed information and visualise it in a 4D programme, via the Powerproject BIM module.

Carlos Peñaloza, Senior Lead Planner at the B2 project recalls:
“The conversion process was effortless and fast. Converting the 1,300 tasks in the construction contractor schedule from P6 into Powerproject took only seconds. We reviewed the dates and links to ensure the data had converted correctly, and all of them matched perfectly.”

The rich 3D visualisation, animations, and detail about progress that these reports contained had shifted expectations and become a new standard for reporting quality that the team expect will be required on future projects. The project team leaders were satisfied with their selection of tools.

Jose Luis Hurtado, Project Controls Manager concluded:
“Among several 4D solutions in the market, we chose Powerproject because of the sheer simplicity of connecting the main schedule with the 3D models. We are sure we will replicate this on forthcoming projects.”

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Powerproject BIM Case Study – Minsur

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