Kier Construction won the challengeof building its new £10.2m Portisheadstore against stiff competition.

Kier Completes for Sainsbury’s Portishead, Regardless of Constraints

Kier Construction is part of the Kier Group, a leading property, residential, construction and services group which operates across a range of sectors including defence, education, housing, industrials, power, transport and utilities.
The Group employs over 24,000 people worldwide.
Kier Construction encompasses the group’s UK regional building, major projects, infrastructure and international operations.

Sainsbury’s knows exactly what it wants and needs from its construction contractors – including on time delivery, with an assurance of excellent practice and compliance with its reporting requirements throughout the process.
Timescales have been honed to perfection and it knows exactly what can be achieved within budgetary and time constraints.
Kier Construction won the challenge of building its new £10.2m Portishead store against stiff competition.
It embraced a tight 22-week timeline and Kier Completes for Sainsbury’s Portishead, Regardless of Constraints successfully delivered on contract with zero defects, strikes, environmental issues or RIDDORs – but it took a laserlike focus on planning.

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Powerproject Case Study Kier Construction Sainsbury’s Portishead

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