Trimble TILOS combines time and location to give you a smarter, easier way to create accurate plans and to quickly update them as schedule changes occur.

What's New in TILOS 10

Increased Speed – More Capacity – Greater Flexibility
Maximum value for your company!

  • Mass Haulage

  • Add Space Above/Below the Zero Line
  • Position the Start/End Points of Mass Haulage Links
  • Show/Hide Mass Haulage Area and Haulage Line Annotations
  • Group Mass Areas by Type
  • Auto-Adjust a Task Template When You Change a Haulage Type
  • Gantt Charts

  • Drag and Drop Task Types to Create a Schedule; Drag-and-Drop Tasks to Create a Template Type
  • Add a New Task using the Insert Key
  • Zoom Out to Extend the View Range
  • Hide Quantities in the Summary Task Row
  • Show/Hide Sub-Project Summary Rows
  • Color the Rows of Summary Tasks
  • Rescheduling

  • Automatically Calculate a Successor Task’s End Date
  • Synchronize Predecessor and Successor Task Quantities (Material Volumes)
  • Printing

  • Access the Print Command from the Main Menu
  • Iteratively Configure and Preview What will Print
  • Project Setup

  • Open or Start a TILOS Project Quicker
  • Drag-and-Drop Picture Files
  • Time-Distance Chart

  • Control the Expand/Collapse of Levels
  • Reuse Cell Display Settings
  • Use a Color Code to Shade Task Hierarchy
  • Work with Task List and Time Distance View in Parallel
  • Specify a Default Summary Task
  • Show/Hide or Flatten the Task List
  • See a Task List or Gantt Chart Selection in the Time-Distance View
  • Use a Quantity Split Linear Model to Measure Progress
  • Other Enhancements

  • Choose a Different Duration Format
  • Include a Row Number Column in List Views
  • Find List Entries More Easily
  • Copy and Paste Task List Items in a ‘Natural Order’
  • Quickly Show/Hide Sub-project Data in Views
  • See More Task Information in Predecessor and Successor Lists when Creating a Link
  • Access Create Predecessor/Successor from a Selected Task
  • Color symbols
  • Use Updated Help and Training Resources

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Tilos Brochure What’s New in TILOS 10

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