Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work and has evolved with their input to meet the requirements of the industry.

14 Reasons to use Powerproject for Managing Construction Projects

When it comes to managing construction projects you need software you can rely on.
If you use the wrong software in a project where there is a contractual arrangement and it is necessary to show cause and effect as well as the impact of progress on the works, you are probably getting the wrong answer – and that could cost you a lot of money!
Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work and has evolved with their input to meet the requirements of the industry.

1. Easy to use

“I love the way you can move around quickly. Whereas in MS Project you mustcreate summary bars to group activities, in Powerproject it lifts them all into a single window so you can see exactly what you need.” – Steve Allan, Project Manager for Earthworks, Banora Point Upgrade Alliance

2. Superior presentation of project plans and simpler printing

“Powerproject has a ‘drag and drop’ functionality that makes it much easier to use than P6.” – Bill Jack Daniel, Saunders Construction

3. More precise scheduling for greater accuracy
4. Share plans with anyone with a free Project Viewer

5. Cost effective licensing

“We were looking to move away from MS Project as it was proving too expensive and found the flexibility of Powerproject’s approach much more suited to our ways of collaborative working.” – Clive Bassett, Beard

6. Collect and update progress easily on mobile devices

7. Plan and manage repeated tasks on one row of the plan

“With Powerproject having multiple activities on the same line makes it easy to see what is going on and easy to produce summary print outs. On large complex projects like I work on to do the same in Primavera without this would be complex and take lots of pages to print.” – Michael Powell-Brett, Powell Brett Associates

8. Easy integration with other software
9. Link projects plans to 3D models within a single application

10. Filtering for easier managing of sub-contractors

“Powerproject is also particularly good at modularising projects. The master programme can be broken down into work packages, and they can be filtered. This is obviously useful for subcontractors who do not need to see everyone else’s tasks, but can be provided with a succinct programme of their own works.” – Ray Ferguson, GRAHAM Construction

11. Enterprise version for collaboration across programme plans

“Powerproject Enterprise is really powerful in comparison to some other systems, and it is very scalable so you can grow it as large as required.” – Brandon Taggart, Resource Planner & Programmer, FM Conway

12. Better protection against litigation caused by delay

“Powerproject provides us with a documented story of how the project is performing and acts as a delay management tool.” – Kevin Taylor, Senior Contracts Manager, J Breheny

13. Construction specific training courses and expert support
14. Used by leading contractors and many smaller companies

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Powerproject Brochure 14 Reasons to Use Powerproject for Managing Construction Projects

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