Trimble TILOS combines time and location to give you a smarter, easier way to create accurate plans and to quickly update them as schedule changes occur.

TILOS with Mass Haulage Planning

Use TILOS to incorporate design details, construction challenges, risk elements and your project schedule into a single view.
Fully integrates with the leading CPM scheduling tools.
The best tool for planning and managing linear projects.

Connecting Schedule and Geometry

Linear projects present unique challenges because the crews and equipment move along the construction rightof- way to perform their work.

The work is not performed in a single location as in a typical facility project where control of the site occurs early in the process.

Permits, environmental constraints, changing right-of-way conditions, construction related issues and risk elements need to be considered very seriously as they can impact the production process.

Traditional planning systems display their results in bar charts or network diagrams. Neither of these traditional diagrams are able to show a graphical link between the location where the work is performed (the distance axis) and the time when it is executed (the time axis).
This is the strength of TILOS.

For BIM, a 3D building model is needed to get a connection between the geometry and the schedule, but two different tools or environments are needed for the model.

The time distance diagram in TILOS merges both the geometry and the schedule into one time distance view.

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Tilos Brochure Tilos With Mass Haulage Planning

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