Willmott Dixon facilitated a wholescale change of planning platform from Microsoft Project to Powerproject, along with delivering guidance and training.

Willmott Dixon Ushers in New Era of Planning With the Help of Powerproject

With a turnover in excess of £1 billion each year, and an enviable reputation to maintain, independent UK construction and property heavyweight Willmott Dixon has always valued planning.
Yet, it has an ambition for more, creating a dedicated team to drive excellence in time and planning management with a mandate to help every one of its 3500 employees to contribute to great planning.

As part of this, the company embarked on a process to ensure that their choice of planning platform came not just from analysis of available choices and benefits, but built in the needs and views of its many planning software users.

It revealed an overwhelming desire to move to Powerproject, and kick-started a process of change which will drive long-term benefits and support the company’s BIM and digital construction ambitions.

Paul Hoskins, National Planning Manager at Willmott Dixon, has been tasked with a big challenge.

As leader of the FIIT Time team, he has been charged with driving a new culture of planning across the company.
FIIT Time, which stands for Focused Innovation and Improvement Team for Time, resides officially in the Construction division. However, it has a mandate to help people across the corporation, including in its Interiors and Homes businesses, become more involved in, and more conscious of, planning and time.

In explaining its role, Paul began: “FIIT Time is helping to transform the way we look at time across the business. Our purpose is to help the company do all it can to finish right, on time, every time. That’s about how our people plan, what our processes need us to do, and how we can help people be confident in how they plan: in fact, everything that can move us forward to ultimately deliver projects on time.”

Over the past year, the activities of the time team included facilitating a wholescale change of planning platform from Microsoft Project to Powerproject, along with delivering guidance and commencing training to help engage all Willmott Dixon staff to support planning excellence.

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Powerproject Case Study Willmott Dixon New Era Planning

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