Mace, an international consultancy and construction business, uses Powerproject as its standard planning software for construction.

Superb sequencing and logistics delivers a rapidly saleable office tower

Mace is an international consultancy and construction business that has an enterprise-wide commitment to planning and project management excellence.

It uses Powerproject as its standard planning software for construction.

It used this software to help managing a challenging office block project at New Fetter Lane, in the heart of the busy legal district of the City of London, between 2013 and 2015.

The project manager and his team overcame many challenges, delivered innovations and delivered on time and on budget.

12-14 New Fetter Lane, a 15-storey office building on the western edge of the City of London, was a project that almost did not happen.

After its original planning in 2007 was delayed, first by the recession and then right-of-light issues, it was finally redesigned and commenced in Spring 2013, with project completion achieved in November 2015.
James Williams, a new recruit at Mace at the time, certainly had a challenging first project for the company.

Superb planning, sequencing and logistics were an absolute essential.

The team had an ambitious programme to deliver, which required extremely careful planning to meet tight budget and timing requirements alike.

Mace utilised Powerproject, its standard planning and project management tool, for the purpose.

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Powerproject Case Study Mace New Fetter Lane

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