During the webinar you will discover benefits of the Line of Balance scheduling technique which can help you deliver projects earlier.
Date: Wednesday, April 21 | Duration: 45 minutes
Time: 11:00 AM MDT (7:00 PM CEST)

If you schedule projects with repetitive workflows such as roads, pipelines, and homebuilding developments, across multiple locations, you know it can be hard to visualize them effectively using the critical path method. This means it’s difficult to optimize the use of skilled crews and other resources across locations and ensure your project is completed as efficiently (and early!) as possible.

Line of Balance is a linear scheduling technique designed to enable you to:

  • Make the best use of skilled labor and other resources
  • Minimize delays across locations
  • Rapidly optimize a large number of tasks
  • Shorten the length of your projects


Webinar will be run by Elecosoft Senior Consultant.

Line of balance (LOB) is a management control process used in construction where the project contains blocks of repetitive work activities, such as roads, pipelines, tunnels, railways and high-rise buildings. LOB collects, measures and presents information relating to time, cost and completion, and presents it against a specific plan.

LOB assists project management by:

  • Comparing a formal objective against actual progress.
  • Examining the extent of any deviations from specific plans, in terms of knock-on effects.
  • Identifying in advance problematic areas where corrective action may be required.
  • Forecasting future performance.

See how using the Line of Balance technique can help deliver your projects earlier – Free Webinar

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