Comparing Powerproject with Microsoft Excel for building industry scheduling

This new webinar from project management expert Paul Harris will be valuable for you if you currently use MS Excel for creating project schedules but want to improve your planning and scheduling capability.

Avoiding Common Problems in Construction Planning

Common problems in construction planning include: poor communication, inefficient resource and risk planning, and having no process for change control.

TILOS in Planning & Scheduling of Railway Projects

TILOS (Time-Location System) is a planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically utilities and infrastructure projects.

Take the complexity out of project scheduling – Free Webinar

This free webinar is demonstrating how Powerproject can be leveraged to make schedule building simple – especially when you have repetitive tasks across different projects.

See how 4D is changing the way construction projects are run – Free Webinar

This webinar will show you how to use the visual power of 4D BIM software to produce better plans and enhance communication with all involved.

See how using the Line of Balance technique can help deliver your projects earlier – Free Webinar

During the webinar you will discover benefits of the Line of Balance scheduling technique which can help you deliver projects earlier.

4D BIM Planning and Scheduling using Powerproject BIM – Free Webinar

During the webinar you will see the visual power of 4D planning with Powerproject BIM, ideal for planning and progress monitoring by combining 3D models.

Powerproject Enterprise for Construction

Powerproject Enterprise is ideal for construction projects where people access and update project-related data with an organisation-wide visibility manner.

The Cloud, digital transformation and the new normal

In this webinar, our vendors will share key insights to help project-based organisations make a more informed decision on which offering aligns with their unique requirements and why this will help them achieve end goals and mitigate risks today and adapt to the changing landscape.

Delay Analysis in a 4D BIM Scheduling

In this webinar we will see how Powerproject BIM, 4D BIM planning tool, allows us to analyze the status of the project by connecting the schedule to the BIM model of the project.