The excellent standard of on-site training provided by Powerproject continues to allow users to utilise the full potential of this extremely powerful and effective management tool.

Need a fully customised training course?

We can run training courses that are customised to your specific requirements.
The project management training can be based on your own templates and the course notes tailored to reflect the way you run projects.

In what type of projects?

Construction, Technology Organisations, Civil Engineering, Public Sector, Facilities Management, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Consultancy Firms.


Follow Up Training for Individuals at their Own Desks

Powerproject’s Floor Walking is ideal for topping up and supporting skills learned in classroom courses, when users are back in their own working environment.

It is a service we provide where one of our expert trainers will visit your offices for a day and quite literally walk the floor to spend time with individuals according to their own specific needs, advising on the best way to use Powerproject in their work.
The trainer will spend the day going from desk to desk, guiding and advising staff on whatever points they may wish to discuss.
This personal follow up enables our trainer to respond to any queries or problems individuals may have, take time to go over features they may be struggling with and where required help them on specific work related examples.


Course Outline

The trainer spends the whole day with you and time can be allocated as needed, according to the level of each user and their requirements, from as quick as 5 minutes to a few hours.

It is open to all of your staff, the only prerequisite being that they have previously attended one of Powerproject’s classroom based courses as this service works as part of a follow up process.


This course target is mainly for Project Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Enterprise and Project Risk Managers, Project Control Managers, Project Control Engineers, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers.


A certificate of completion will be issued to those who attend and complete the program.
Many of our users who attend courses go away enthused and eager to use the software they have been trained on.
This additional time back in their own offices after the course with an Powerproject expert on hand is the ideal way to refine practical skills and help them benefit further to make sure the skills learned in the classroom can be used effectively on real life projects.