Robertson Construction used Powerproject to plan the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre project and forecasting what would be needed to secure the funding.

Never has ‘on time, on budget’ mattered more – Robertson deploys Powerproject to plan a very special project

Robertson has evolved over the past 48 years into one of the largest privately owned infrastructure, support services and construction groups in the UK.

It is proud of the quality of its work and dedication to clients, the entrepreneurial culture it has created across all of its companies and of the rewards they are able to achieve from this.

From its first contact with the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre project in March 2012, through to its safe, on-time and on-budget delivery in August 2013, it embraced the Maggie’s philosophy and vision and committed to delivering the ideal outcome regardless of the considerable challenges involved.

The result is a unique, award-winning, beautiful and special building, which embodies the fresh construction thinking and problem-solving for which Robertson is known.

For those seeking cancer care in the Aberdeen and Grampian regions of Scotland, the completion of the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre at Aberdeen could not come soon enough.
Maggie’s Centres are renowned the world over for providing the emotional and social support that people with cancer and their families need as much as medical care itself – and Aberdeen was the last major city in Scotland to receive one.

Time was not the only important aspect of the programme.

With funds raised from public and corporate donation to the tune of£10 million, not one penny was spare. Just£1.7 million of this was allocated to the construction itself, and when Robertson was awarded the contract it knew it would require careful cost management and excellent planning throughout the year-long build.

It uses Powerproject as a standard planning and project management tool.

Powerproject was used to plan the project from the start, helping to forecast what would be needed, and thus helping the NHS client to define and secure the funding it needed for the centre -while Robertson started tailoring supplier contracts to fit the nature of this unusual project.

From there it was used to manage construction sequencing and chart progress throughout the build.

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Powerproject Case Study Robertson Maggies Cancer Care Centre

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