Powerproject is now Keepmoat Regeneration’s standard planning tool, with 19 licenses already in use, gradually replacing previous processes and tools.

Keepmoat Regeneration refurbishes its planning approach across the business

Keepmoat Regeneration, part of the global energy and services ENGIE Group, has a diverse business operating across regeneration, refurbishment, new build homes and property services.
Keeping projects on track is critical, as it helps to breathe new life into neighbourhoods, bring brownfield sites into new use, and create future homes.
Keepmoat Regeneration chooses Powerproject to help it deliver every time, and to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients and partners.

Keepmoat Regeneration undertakes a range of project sizes and types, from a 25-house inner city development to multi-phase housing developments, tower blocks, and extra-care retirement villages.
When planning manager Jonathan Dann joined Keepmoat Regeneration, he was glad to find Powerproject was in use.

As a user for 25 years, he knew how to gain value from it – yet he discovered that many of its main benefits were not being secured.

A mix of other tools were also in play, along with ad hoc spreadsheet-based planning.

This prevented the company from driving best practices in planning across the business.

Powerproject is now the company’s standard planning tool, with 19 licenses already in use, and is gradually replacing previous processes and tools.

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Powerproject Case Study Keepmoat Regeneration

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