This course is designed for those who are new to 4D-BIM planning & scheduling as well as need a full overview starting with the basics of creating projects


April 15-16, 2021

June 17-18, 2021

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4D BIM Planning for Residential and Commercial builders

Today’s BIM technology comes with augmented BIM models with the additional dimensions of calculating material and cost estimations. 4D BIM is the process of linking a 4D BIM Model with time or schedule related information, providing precise construction information for teams working on the project. By incorporating the start and finish dates into each BIM component, we are able to focus our attention on deploying lean construction techniques and optimising the schedule to reduce idle time, increase labour productivity, and improve project outcome. Adding sequence and time to 3D models allows us to build a movie that shows the construction of the asset.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to gain practical experience of how to manage house building and commercial projects with 4D-BIM methodology.


  • Introduction to Training and 4D BIM Planning
  • Creating A Project Schedule
  • Code Libraries and Organizing Project Structure
  • BIM Screen Areas
  • Working with 3D BIM Model
  • Visual Planning Using 3D BIM Model
  • 4D Timeline Simulations
  • Exporting Model Outputs
  • Working With Revision 3D BIM Models
  • Merging and Grouping Multiple Model Files and Adding Site Objects
  • Customizing BIM Views and Layouts
  • Baseline Comparison with 4D Comparison Simulations
  • Generating Quality Reports


8 hours (2 sessions * 4 hours)


At the end of the course, delegates will get internationally recognized certificate of completion and earn 8 PDUs in 8 hours.

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4D BIM Planning for Residential and Commercial builders – Online Training

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