Asta Innovation Summit

Learn from industry experts, connect with like-minded individuals and elevate your professional development

Connect with like-minded professionals

Elevate your team’s professional growth, equip them with valuable insights to improve project planning and performance management, mitigate project failure and ultimately propel project goals forward.

Connect with like-minded professionals, benefit from peer-to-peer sharing of industry best practices, unlock industry insights that directly contribute to optimizing project outcomes and efficiency

The Keynote Presentation

Looking at the problems of slow 4D adoption, lower perceived 4D value and manual scheduling process, while considering what technology was available to help and understand that 3D designs were becoming more commonplace, led to a partnership between Elecosoft & industry experts in the CIMIC Group. Asking the question “what if we could actively use 3D design rather than passively use the design to only visualize?” resulted in the development of the Active 4D process as we now know it now.

Our Speakers. Your Visionaries

Experience the collective wisdom of industry leaders, experts, and Elecosoft leadership collaboratively working to empower built environment professionals to shape the future of our industry through innovative processes and technology. ​

Mark Chapman, Elecosoft, Head of Innovation Keynote – Session 6 & 13

Jonathan Hunter, Eleco, CEO

David Hernandez, Elecosoft, Head of US | Managing Director

Amy Bretzke, Mortenson, Operating Group Director of Planning & Scheduling Customer Presentation

Daniel Hewson, Elecosoft, Data Capability Manager – Session 1 & 12

Mary Williams, Project Analytics
Sessions 5 & 8

Bill Jack Daniel, Danbridge Consulting – Session 11 & 14

Chris Ray, Elecosoft, International Channel Manager – Sessions 2, 4 & 10

Wendy Corrigan, Project Integration Sessions 3 & 9

Casey O’Leary, Mortenson, Manager of Planning & Scheduling
Customer Presentation

Kristen Swan, Constructibility & Scheduling at Bureau of Project Delivery, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Customer Presentation

Whitney Ruth, Corporate Scheduling Manager, Granite Construction
Session 7

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Nashville, Tennessee

February 28-29, 2024

Asta Innovation Summit – Nashville

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