Cloud World Tour – London

Counting down to CloudWorld Tour London

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, build connections, and explore technology innovations at the premier event for the Oracle community in London and beyond.

Join us for ideas and inspiration

Discover the insights you need to solve your most complex business challenges when CloudWorld Tour comes to London on 14 March 2024. This complimentary event is packed with learning from local experts and customers, networking with peers and partners, and new developments in cloud infrastructure, databases, applications, and more. Join us to be inspired by Oracle’s top executives and visionary leaders as they share why organizations like yours are turning to Oracle to help them grow and succeed.

Meet the closing keynote speaker

Richard Masters
Chief Executive, The Premier League

Richard Masters was appointed Premier League chief executive in December 2019. He oversees all elements of the Premier League’s operations and commercial enterprises and is responsible for the continuing success of the world’s most watched football league. Richard chairs both the Broadcast and Strategic Advisory Groups, which enable the League, together with its clubs, to discuss strategic and growth opportunities, as well as media rights strategies and proposals. He is also a member of the Premier League Charitable Fund, chair of the World Leagues Forum, and a member of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Trade Council.

Announcing the keynote speakers

CloudWorld Tour brings you keynotes that elevate customer voices, showcase innovations, and highlight the latest product developments.

Doug Kehring

Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations, Oracle

Steve Miranda

Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Development

Mahesh Thiagarajan

Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle

Jenny Tsai-Smith

Vice President, Product Management, Oracle

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London, United Kingdom

March 14, 2024

Asta Innovation Summit – Nashville

Asta Innovation Summit

Learn from industry experts, connect with like-minded individuals and elevate your professional development

Connect with like-minded professionals

Elevate your team’s professional growth, equip them with valuable insights to improve project planning and performance management, mitigate project failure and ultimately propel project goals forward.

Connect with like-minded professionals, benefit from peer-to-peer sharing of industry best practices, unlock industry insights that directly contribute to optimizing project outcomes and efficiency

The Keynote Presentation

Looking at the problems of slow 4D adoption, lower perceived 4D value and manual scheduling process, while considering what technology was available to help and understand that 3D designs were becoming more commonplace, led to a partnership between Elecosoft & industry experts in the CIMIC Group. Asking the question “what if we could actively use 3D design rather than passively use the design to only visualize?” resulted in the development of the Active 4D process as we now know it now.

Our Speakers. Your Visionaries

Experience the collective wisdom of industry leaders, experts, and Elecosoft leadership collaboratively working to empower built environment professionals to shape the future of our industry through innovative processes and technology. ​

Mark Chapman, Elecosoft, Head of Innovation Keynote – Session 6 & 13

Jonathan Hunter, Eleco, CEO

David Hernandez, Elecosoft, Head of US | Managing Director

Amy Bretzke, Mortenson, Operating Group Director of Planning & Scheduling Customer Presentation

Daniel Hewson, Elecosoft, Data Capability Manager – Session 1 & 12

Mary Williams, Project Analytics
Sessions 5 & 8

Bill Jack Daniel, Danbridge Consulting – Session 11 & 14

Chris Ray, Elecosoft, International Channel Manager – Sessions 2, 4 & 10

Wendy Corrigan, Project Integration Sessions 3 & 9

Casey O’Leary, Mortenson, Manager of Planning & Scheduling
Customer Presentation

Kristen Swan, Constructibility & Scheduling at Bureau of Project Delivery, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Customer Presentation

Whitney Ruth, Corporate Scheduling Manager, Granite Construction
Session 7

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Nashville, Tennessee

February 28-29, 2024

Deltek Project Nation – London | 16-April

Deltek Project Nation Live 2024

Don't Miss the Latest Deltek Updates & Industry Trends

Deltek is delighted to announce that Deltek`s customer conference! Join us in London on the 16 April 2024 for Customer Conference – Deltek Project Nation Live.

Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get the latest updates from Deltek senior management and our product teams
  • Gain insight into how your peers are navigating an evolving and sometimes challenging business landscape
  • Network with others in your industry and fellow Deltek clients

Reasons to Attend

Roadmap Updates

Get the latest product news and hear about the future strategy for your Deltek solution.

Networking Opportunity

Meet and connect with your industry peers.

Connect With Deltek

Meet face to face with your Deltek contacts.

Who Should Attend

Business Leaders

Return to the office armed with new insights into current and future industry and tech trends.

Users of Solutions

Discover how fellow Deltek customers are using our solutions as the foundation for business success in ever-changing and challenging industries.

Product Specialists

As an architect, engineer, consultant, project manager or other domain expert, increase your product knowledge, get inspired and expand your professional network.

See you at ...

London, United Kingdom

16 April 2024

Asta Connect, a new collaborative task management tool for project teams

Asta Connect, a new collaborative task management tool for project teams

LONDON: Eleco plc, a specialist international provider of software and related services to the built environment, is proud to launch Asta Connect: a new collaborative task management tool within its award-winning Powerproject solution.

Asta Connect solves the challenges of short-term, on-site planning, collaboration and daily activities progress by connecting project teams with the overall master construction schedule, capturing commitments and delivering key insights on the projects to empower decision making.

Asta Connect enables trade contractors, project managers, contract managers, trade and Site Managers (last planners) to centrally coordinate daily and weekly work plans. It also assists them in understanding their roles and responsibilities, collaborating on agreed tasks, viewing their progress, and seeing the impact of their actions on other disciplines through a simple, visual interface.

Asta Connect is designed to simplify the adoption of Lean Construction first pioneered in the 1990s, to improve construction design and planning reliability and coordination between trades. With construction projects adopting lean practices being 3X as likely to be ahead of schedule and 2X more likely to be under budget (Lean Construction Institute) there’s good reason to get started.

David Simpson, Global Product Manager, Elecosoft, said: “Our customers are increasingly adopting Last Planner and Lean principles in their projects. The benefits of fostering collaboration and driving accountability, is reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary expenditure on rework. We are therefore pleased to support this trend by launching Asta Connect to provide a critical online gateway for multi-stakeholder collaboration while supporting the industry’s shift towards lean principles.

Asta Connect users can import project plans from master scheduling software like Powerproject or create a new master schedule within the Asta Connect programme to connect everyone involved with the overall objectives of the project. Digital whiteboards enable project stakeholders to visualise short-term works, improving workflow, generating buy-in from all project disciplines and being a digital platform provides key data insights to empower decision making and support continuous learning and improvement.”

Jonathan Hunter, CEO, Eleco, commented: “Customer centricity is core to our strategy and over three decades we have been working with the most experienced and talented construction planners in our industry to shape and develop our planning solution, Powerproject. Most of those experts use the name Asta when referring to Powerproject, which was the original company name prior to its acquisition by Eleco in 2006. 2023 is a year that we celebrate 9 years of being voted the best Project Management and Planning Software in the UK and to demonstrate our attentiveness to customers as well as our portfolio approach, we have chosen to reintroduce the Asta brand with the release of Asta Connect.”

Asta Powerproject version 17 released

Asta Powerproject update is now released with new modules and online services

Elecosoft, the specialist international software provider, is further enhancing its award-winning Asta Powerproject planning and project management software, with its latest release (version 17) bringing greater collaboration and sharing capabilities.

Available to Asta Powerproject subscribers, key updates include:

Protecting your work

The new autosave feature automatically saves progress at regular intervals with the default autosave setting of 10 minutes. Users can customise timings to save their work more or less frequently.

New project timeline feature

Including a new project timeline control panel, allowing customers to create key task overviews for each project. Programme managers can also add drop lines and call out priority tasks to ensure projects stay on track.

Activities within tasks

Uers can now break down a task into several activities that can be progressed individually and checked off when completed. Project managers can weight each activity’s importance to track overall task progress as individual actions are completed. This simplifies the structure of the overall programme without losing the fine detail.

Real-time collaboration

Compatibility with a brand-new module that allows project teams to work on a programme together in real time, benefitting from instant digital feedback on projects. This upgrade will help companies to enhance collaboration and prevent miscommunication within their projects.

Global governance library

Compatibility with the Asta global library management module to simplify company standards, save time and improve data accuracy and reporting. Centralising project templates will help organisations that use Asta Powerproject to manage workflows and ensure project compliance, as any changes will be automatically applied the next time a project is checked out.

Introduction of meaningful associations

Teams can assign and differentiate project tabs in various colours to make workflows easier to visualise.

"Asta Powerproject version 17 continues our focus on creating positive experiences and outcomes for our customers, with the latest version strengthening project communication and collaboration. We’re committed to identifying what’s important to our customers; made possible by our active global network of customers and partners. Through their feedback, we’re continually evolving the products and services based on their needs."
David Simpson
Global Product Manager, Elecosoft

In addition to upgrading its market-leading planning and project management software, Elecosoft is enhancing how it rolls out future software updates to ensure Asta Powerproject customers benefit from the latest functionality.

Asta Powerproject subscribers will receive a notification alert when new features are available, which they can automatically deploy via an installation wizard if this has been enabled.

"One critical advantage of version 17 is that we can quickly deploy updates to customers. The new installation process gives users automatic access to the latest usability improvements and access to further modules."
David Simpson
Global Product Manager, Elecosoft

Automating installation will enable Elecosoft to shorten release cycles for Asta Powerproject subscribers, and customers can expect to see their ideas rolled out faster.

Deltek ProjectCon – Florida

Deltek ProjectCon 2023

Don't Miss the Latest Deltek Updates & Industry Trends

APP Consultoría – Project Management Consulting is delighted to announce that Deltek’s annual customer conference, is happening on October 16-18 in sunny Orlando, Florida! Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Deltek ProjectCon is the destination for project-based business professionals to gather for unparalleled inspiration, education and collaboration.
  • This annual conference brings together thousands of Deltek customers, partners and industry experts for a unique three-day learning and networking experience.
  • Join it to expand your knowledge, build your network and make memories with Deltek Project Nation.

Reasons to Attend


Learn actionable takeaways to help your business maximize performance and revenue.

Networking Opportunity

Peer Networking with Braindate

Meet the Experts

Meet 1:1 with a Deltek Expert

Business Leaders

Return to the office armed with new insights into current and future industry and tech trends.

Users of Solutions

Discover how fellow Deltek customers are using our solutions as the foundation for business success in ever-changing and challenging industries.

Product Specialists

As an architect, engineer, consultant, project manager or other domain expert, increase your product knowledge, get inspired and expand your professional network.

See you at ...

Orlando, Florida

October 16-18, 2023

Rail Live – Malaga



Rail Live brings together high-level industry leaders who are driving innovation, investment and digital transformation in the Global rail sector. From Infrastructure Managers to High-Speed Projects, Metro systems to Freight Carriers, Rail Live represents the full rail industry.

0 +
Congress Attendees
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International Speakers
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Start Ups

Conference Topics:

Metro Rail
Light Rail
Infrastructure Managers
Mega Projects
Train Operating Companies
Government Authorities
Technology Suppliers

See you at ...

FYCMA Malaga

29th November - 1st December 2022

EPC Project Management – Amsterdam

The Global EPC Project Management - Amsterdam 2022

EPC Project Management Event Amsterdam 2022 will provide extensive knowledge on EPC Project life-cycle from Proposals -to FEED – to execution – to delivery with practical case studies and strategic PM and leadership training exploring the major challenges facing the PMO office from Strategic level to Project Manager. The meeting offer strategic opportunity for Operators, contractors and subcontractors to have round table discussion to develop effective contractual form for successful scope of work and aligning expectation between all the parties

Conference Topics:

Leadership & Change Management
Collaboration 2.0 for Mega Projects
Agile/Scrum approach to project management.
Successful Management of EPC Contracts and Dispute Resolution Strategies
Maintain Project Control Through Scope, Schedule, Budget, and Resource
A Roadmap to Tackle Cost & Time Overruns on EPC Mega Projects
Laying New Foundations for Peak Performance
Project Interface Management
Project Execution and Management
Procurement in an EPC Environment
Project Contracting Strategies
Disruptive Technologies and the Digital Transition

See you at ...

Leonardo Royal Hotel, Amsterdam

28-29-30 November 2022

BIMExpo – Madrid


APP Consultoría – Project Management Consulting is pleased to announce its participation in BIMEXPO exhibition that will take place IFEMA, Madrid – Pavilion 8 on 15-18 November, 2022.

We will exhibit innovative Project Management and BIM services throughout the life cycle of projects. APP offers integrated work systems with BIM methodology for projects in different industries, together with other methodologies such as LEAN – Last Planner System and Linear Planning, making projects better executed and controlled.

As a Digital PMO, they collaborate in the transformation of the construction and infrastructure sector through corporate BIM implementation plans to involve all departments connected to BIM, define and optimize processes, as well as recommend digital solutions and certifications that best suit the needs of the teams. Some of the benefits of their collaboration are clear, increased visualization, communication, interoperability and project control.

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More Information about BIMExpo

European Trade Fair Leader in Services, Networking, BIM Knowledge and Solutions

Once again ePower&Building is putting emphasis on BIMExpo, the European Trade Fair leader in services, networking, BIM knowledge and solutions for the construction industry that will be held in IFEMA MADRID together with the other professional trade fairs: Construtec, Veteco, Archistone and Matelec.

BIMExpo is turning into the main commercial platform for the whole BIM Industry (Building Information Modelling), a working methodology defined within the collaborative culture and integrated practice context, and it involves a deep transformation that affects all the drawing, constructive and management processes known until now.

See you at ...

Madrid, Spain

15-18 NOVEMBER 2022

Deltek ProjectCon – Nashville

Deltek ProjectCon, formerly known as Deltek Insight, is the destination for project-based business professionals to gather for unparalleled inspiration, education and collaboration.