Severfield extended the use of Powerproject in its business planning platform while their new projects are also planned in Powerproject.

Severfield plc standardises on Powerproject to deliver excellence in structural steel construction

Severfield plc has been shaping skylines for decades, with unrivalled capacity and capability.
As the largest structural steel business in the UK – and one of the biggest in Europe – planning excellence and consistency is an extremely high priority.

The company has chosen to switch to Powerproject going forward.
The switch was based on a combination of decision factors.

Initially this was driven by the software’s functionality and fitness for purpose, then by its prevalence in use by Severfield customers, and lastly by the  cost model that showed it offered a more economic licensing proposition than other options.

Severfield plc is a structural steel company delivering around 150,000 tonnes of fabricated steelwork to the UK and international construction market each year.

It has been piloting the use of Powerproject as its planning platform in one part of the business for more than a year.

It has now made the decision to extend the use of Powerproject across the entire group, and the process is well underway.
The company had previously used MS Project across the business, which may have in excess of 35 major projects running nationwide at any one time.

This software is now being phased out as contracts are being completed, with all new projects planned in Powerproject.

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Powerproject Case Study Severfield

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