ISG used Powerproject, enabling excellent community and client communication while ensuring the inevitable surprises created no significant project delays.

ISG plots a critical path past sensitive residents to create a new Dorset School

Global construction and engineering services company ISG took on a sensitive project to create a new school with tight access restrictions, a historic location, and a community which was not particularly happy with the disruption it promised.
However, with the support of Powerproject, its project manager was able to plan carefully around numerous issues, enabling excellent community and client communication and ensuring that even the inevitable surprises created no significant project delays.
In doing so, he not only won a CMYA award, but clearly supported the company’s ethos: to deliver places that help people and businesses thrive; delivering a Dorset school with which children, parents and the community were delighted.

When ISG won the contract from Dorset District Council to build Lulworth & Winfrith Primary School, it knew that some local community concerns were inevitable.

Not only would this be the largest construction project in the village of Lulworth for many years, the village is located on a Jurassic stretch of coastline designated as a World Heritage Site.

However, as the project moved forwards, these would not prove the only hurdles to overcome.

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Powerproject Case Study ISG Dorset School

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