Carillion ensured successful completion of the multi-task project with Powerproject, a leading construction project management software tool from Elecosoft.

Cullum retunes its project planning to drive a high performance business

Cullum Detuners Limited has been working with customers in the most exacting of engineering industries for many years.

Established in 1898, it now works with customers spanning Nuclear, Energy, Marine and Aerospace.

Planning at Cullum had not been done in a consistent way in the past.

Some individuals in different departments created plans, using MS Project, while some planning was outsourced when a need for a fully worked project plan was required by a customer.

Powerproject  is now in daily use by the planning team, with managers and department heads becoming used to seeing programme PDFs and meeting requests for detailed information inputs.

However, now that it is in active use to support projects, there is growing recognition of its potential as a business planning tool, with the senior management team now starting to look at it as a resourcing tool for departments.

Since deploying Powerproject, Cullum’s planning professionals have started to work on further ways to use programme planning to enhance the business.

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Powerproject Case Study Cullum

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