Tilos Licensing Options

Flexible Licensing & Deployment Options for Cost Effective Access

There are four license types available for you to choose from, with the option to share licences between team members for increased cost-effectiveness.

Standalone License

“Standalone License” for installing on a local Windows workstation.

• The license is connected to this client workstation.

Portable License

“Portable License” for the installation is on a USB-stick.

• It can be used with every Windows workstation.

• This is a real mobile version, as no files have to be copied or registered on the local workstation.

• The license is connected to the USB stick.

Floating Network License

• The software can be installed on a number of networked computers and a license located centrally in a shared folder that all have access to.

• When the software is started on one computer it uses a license, and when the software is closed it releases a license.

• The number of simultaneous concurrent users can be much smaller than the number of occasional users of the software.

• The software can be on local machines on a wide-area-network, or can be centrally located and published under Remote Desktop or Citrix.

Company License

• The software can be installed on a number of networked computers.

• The names of the users who need access to a license need to be compiled on a list, which is shared in a folder that everyone has access to.

• The software can only be used by one of the nominated people listed, but the list can be edited.

• This situation is useful in larger deployments and where users need assured access to the software.