Pavelink - Your asphalt project dashboard

Improved planning and management of paving projects

Asphalt road paving planning and real-time management

Topcon Pavelink is a cloud-based solution for the road planning and asphalt paving process. Working with the Topcon Smoothride system, it incorporates mass data collection processes for efficiently capturing as-built roadway conditions. It provides planning tools to create an efficient paving process. It connects the asphalt mixing plant, the entire paving logistics chain of trucking and quality control all in a single cloud-based system with real-time reporting.

With Pavelink, all Information about the entire process is available digitally and centrally. This allows organizations to reduce risk and cost while increasing productivity. A digital weight ticket system integrated into the plant weigh bridge drives a completely digital logging system and real-time geo-tracking of all the involved load/haul vehicles allowing delivery logistics adjustments on the fly for maximum efficiency and the highest quality paving process.

Product Features

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  • Mass data collection
  • Logistics planning
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  • Mix load quantities
  • Real-time reporting
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  • Planning
  • Truck route, location, ETA, etc.
  • Real-time reporting and adjustment
  • Integration with third-party navigation systems
  • Optional app-based geo-tracking