Powerproject is broadly perceived as one of the world’s driving project management software solution in the construction industry which was planned to bolster the way construction planners work and has advanced over numerous years with input from its clients to meet the necessities of the industry.



Magnet Project

Magnet Project provides everything you need for a time-location planning, phase planning and streamlined digital earthworks workflow. Manage projects in 3D, evaluate different options and costs, and create realistic and accurate earthwork plans on a map. Location-based construction planning and scheduling helps you to tackle costly safety issues, resource conflicts, and construction delays all in one go.


TILOS (TIme-LOcation System, Time-Chainage, Linear Planning) is a planning software for managing linear construction projects which are mainly utilities and infrastructure projects. It can be used in different construction industries; like Highway, Railway, Pipeline, Tunnel Construction, Water Engineering, Transmission Line Building.


Plan, Build & Operate Assets with Primavera

Oracle Construction and Engineering’s Primavera software suite offers powerful, robust, and easy-to-use cloud and on-premise applications for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and delivering successful projects, programs, and portfolios.

Project Management Software Designed for Construction

Create the soundest schedules possible and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk.
Build a great schedule, identify and manage the risks and accelerate completion dates to meet critical deliveries.


A Customisable Costing Tool for Projects of All Sizes

EcoDomus is an information technology firm focusing on improving the ways buildings are designed, built, managed and retrofitted using BIM, bringing the value of BIM to building owners and occupiers for improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation and maintenance.