Acumen Fuse - Project Diagnostics

Avoid Delays, Cut Costs & Measure Performance with True Project Intelligence

Sound Scheduling is the Cornerstone of Project Success

Accurately forecasting cost, completion and revenue all hinges on a solid, reliable project schedule.
Fuse produces clear and concise reports so analysis and performance can easily be reported to contractors along with to-do lists of any needed improvements.
Fuse reporting is designed to be hierarchical so that it accommodates planners, schedulers and executive’s needs.

You can drill down, slicing and dicing through multiple levels (Work Breakdown) or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule.
Conversely, summarise detailed results and publish to project dashboards, executive briefings and PowerPoint presentations, all at the click of a button.

Acumen Fuse delivers competitive advantages:
• Fuse is implemented and enforced with ease
• Software seamlessly integrates to import numerous types of project data for immediate analysis
• Fuse customers report time-savings over manual processes
• Required and/or recommended oversight standards are built in
• Fuse offers unrivalled reporting flexibility, tailored to fit your audience and information

Acumen Fuse is a comprehensive project analysis, visualization and problem resolution platform – a software application that complements your existing scheduling tools to:
• Help you build sound, realistically do-able schedules without manual critique;
• Provide you with metric analysis, a clear visual and comparison context of your schedule quality, cost-forecast accuracy, risk-model realism, earned value and project performance,
• Give you a repeatable way to score and critique schedule quality, pinpoint weaknesses, evaluate performance during execution and gauge the impact of changes.
• Fuse provides project intelligence through advanced analytics, which gives you unique insight into how to improve project plans and execution – which ultimately leads to a competitive advantage out in the marketplace.


♦ See the Big Picture

Get diagnostics and in-depth insight for thousands of activities, across projects and platforms, for a clear view of your entire program.

♦ Upgrade Your Scheduling

Create schedules that give you a better score against best industry practices.
The Fuse schedule cleanser removes constraints and redundancies to save money.

♦ Comply with Government Standards

Fuse provides the analysis and benchmarking necessary to comply with government and industry standards.