Powerproject WebAccess

Access & Edit Real-Time Data in Powerproject via the Web

The Challenges

For Project Managers:

• To submit progress, add tasks and change task details in an accurate, timely fashion when working remotely.

• To reduce the administrative burden of collating information and distributing reports.

For Senior Managers:

• To easily access real-time status reports and then drill down to analyse data in more detail.

• To enable infrequent project contributors to monitor, access and report on project data in a cost-effective manner.

The Solution

Powerproject WebAccess is a web-based application that enables remote project managers and occasional users to access and edit project data online from within the Powerproject multiuser system.

It extracts real-time data and provides an easy-to-use interface to navigate the project hierarchy, create and edit tasks and update progress.

Senior management can create and view defined reports and drill down to analyse live project resource and cost information from the central database.

Powerproject WebAccess is easy to deploy and requires minimal training for users, enabling low cost project collaboration.

It improves communication and increases visibility of project work throughout the organisation.

Key Benefits

• Access real-time project data anywhere, anytime: Provides read and write access to the live central project data, regardless of location. Remote project managers can make changes to projects online – updating, editing, creating and deleting task, resource and cost information and even re-scheduling the project.

• Facilitate management reporting: Supply management with the information they need from the project database. Reports can be pre-defined and formatted for them to view, edit and update where necessary. With real-time access, management can drill down further into the project, resource and cost information as required.

• Improve collaboration: Make project data available to the wider project team to improve communication and collaboration on projects. User access rights are fully configurable so project managers maintain control over occasional remote users, allowing them to edit and enter data as required.

• Keep projects up-to-date: Ensure that the very latest information is available about the project status. Web Access allows remote users to quickly and simply enter progress updates, even across dispersed geographies. This reduces the effort for the administration team or project support office.

• Easy to use: Web Access requires minimal training and installation effort. It enables companies to quickly deploy the project management environment to a wider audience within the organisation, whilst keeping the cost low.


WebAccess is protected by a secure login facility where users select the project to work on.

The selected options will be retained for the next visit, but not the password.

Through user names and passwords, user rights can be applied to control access to and operations within projects.

WebAccess offers a ‘prepare for print-out’ function, which removes all unnecessary data on the screen into a suitable format to print.