Powerproject Education Software Licenses

Licensing Scope

Powerproject Education Software Licensing consists of Powerproject alongside with the Powerproject BIM module which allows project schedules to be linked to 3D models for 4D planning.

Since Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a government obligated demand it will be a major significance for students after they graduate and enter the construction industry.

Free Licences for Powerproject in Education

With this program third party institutes will be supported by offering lecturers and students free Powerproject software licences for use on their construction related courses.

Students considering working with Powerproject on educational courses will benefit valuable capabilities to assist them when they will be working in the construction industry.

To request the free licences, an authorised officer of the educational establishment will need to contact us from here to start the process.

  • Institutions are able to apply for as many licences as needed for their courses
  • We will ask you and your student to sign agreements before your software is issued
  • One named lecturer will have free technical support for the duration of the academic year
  • Each lecturer can apply to attend one free days training course in the academic year

Elecosoft’s free Powerproject licence offer covers recognised teaching establishments offering relevant training courses.
Licences are issued to the college or university for use on their computer network on a rolling annual basis and not directly to each student, so students should contact their course leader or establishment’s IT team to gain licences.
Once installed on the network however, using Licence Manager software the establishment can then issue their licences onwards to student machines for a time-limited basis, if they wish.