This two-day course is designed for those who are new to Project Management as well as experience people in Project Management who need a practical course focused on project management and using the tactical software solution tool Powerproject to improve Planning & Controlling Skills.

Need a fully customised training course?

We can run training courses that are customised to your specific requirements.
The project management training can based on your own templates and the course notes tailored to reflect the way you run projects.


On completion of two parts of this basic course, delegates will be able to create and track an entire project from start to completion.
They will learn to create and link tasks, reschedule the project structure, display progress, set up code libraries, formatting, filters, views and print out a project with annotations, plus understand all necessary reporting.

You will also be able to analyse the critical path, understand the concept of ‘float’ and create a coded reporting system so that projects can be presented professionally.

In what type of projects?

Construction, Technology Organisations, Civil Engineering, Public Sector, Facilities Management, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Consultancy Firms.


Course Outline

There are two parts to this course, with an option of covering all topics in one course over two consecutive days, or two separate one day courses.


• Introduction to Project Portfolio Resource Management Concept
• Creating New Project Files / Project Template Concept
• Quick Start User Ribbon Interface
• Interface Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) and Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
• Project Management Life Cycle in Powerproject
• Adding and Editing Activities
• Scheduling Techniques and Creating Schedules
• Calendars
• Link logic, Linking tasks and Rescheduling the project – Analysing the Critical path
• Annotating, Adding notes, Linking documents and Formatting
• Creating a Programme of Projects
• Analyzing Enterprise Project Case Study in Powerproject
• Exercises


• Determining the Project and Coding Structure
• Library Preparation and Options Settings
• Customizing Calendars, Filters, Sorts, Tables and Views
• Work Breakdown Structure and Work Breakdown Numbering
• Creating Baselines and Progress Management
• Comparison of Planned and Actual data, S-Curve Progress Measurement based on Duration and Weightage
• Producing Reports, Customizing Report Borders and Printing (excel, html, xml, pdf)
• Analyzing Enterprise Project Case Study in Powerproject
• Exercises


This course target is mainly for Project Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Enterprise and Project Risk Managers, Project Control Managers, Project Control Engineers, Engineers and Planners, Information Technology Managers.


A certificate of completion will be issued to those who attend and complete the program.
The course is registered with PMI and those who complete the course will earn 16 PDU’s.