Powerproject Enterprise for Construction

Powerproject Enterprise is ideal for construction projects where people access and update project-related data with an organisation-wide visibility manner.

Delay Analysis in a 4D BIM Scheduling

In this webinar we will see how Powerproject BIM, 4D BIM planning tool, allows us to analyze the status of the project by connecting the schedule to the BIM model of the project.

4D BIM Project Scheduling & Controlling with Powerproject BIM

During the webinar you will see the visual power of 4D planning with Powerproject BIM, ideal for planning and progress monitoring by combining 3D models.

IFC Models for 4D Planning

In this webinar, we will present how to work with the IFC model data, in an optimized way, to realize a 4D planning with Powerproject BIM.

Planning with Powerproject – How to create a planning in Powerproject?

In this webinar we will see how Powerproject, a planning tool, allows us to carry out the process of the project planning process in a simple and successful way.

Powerproject New Release of Site Progress Mobile

In this webinar new features in Site Progress Mobile including improved user experience as well as to streamline progress reporting will be shown.

Powerproject Site-to-Office Reporting via Site Progress Mobile

Site Progress Mobile for Powerproject is a downloadable app for mobile devices which allows easy site-to-office project progress reporting.

Powerproject New Features Coming in Powerproject XV

This webinar will give an overview of some of the new features coming with Powerproject XV including a refreshed and modernised user interface.

An Introduction to Powerproject BIM

Powerproject BIM is a 4D-BIM enabled application that links your project plan and model together. Don’t miss this opportunity to create your project plan.

Avoiding Common Problems in Construction Planning

Common problems in construction planning include: poor communication, inefficient resource and risk planning, and having no process for change control.