Acumen 360 - Propel Your Projects Forward

The Only Schedule Acceleration & Decision Support Tool You Need to Predict Faster Project Timelines & Recover Delays

Accelerate (or Decelerate) Project Time Frames in a Matter of Minutes

The pressure to complete projects faster and cheaper will always be there.
However, the task of accelerating a schedule to meet owner or contractually-driven requirements can be made less difficult and time consuming.
Deltek Acumen 360 helps make smart acceleration a reality.

• A powerful engine to generate scenarios in minutes and keep projects moving forward
• Tools to run “What-If” analysis over and over again
• Defendable results with data-backed information
• Complete customisation, including acceleration rates and compression order


♦ Interactive Accelaration

Add or reduce duration on a single activity, groups of activities, an entire WBS (work breakdown structure), or the entire project schedule interactively, in real time.

♦ Automatic Goal-Based Acceleration

With one click, you can run an automatic simulation that determines the earliest finish date possible while still accounting for your acceleration criteria.

♦ Targeted Acceleration

Only you know where acceleration is feasible within a project.
Acumen 360 uses your knowledge of the schedule to target areas for acceleration and reduce durations.

Small Changes Lead to Significant Gains

Deltek Acumen 360 automatically generates accelerated schedule scenarios to remediate delays or identify a faster completion date.

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